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Conquer Fear with Knowledge

In many cases, we experience fear when we are confronted with a situation. Knowledge is power and can be help cancel out that fear. If you've been on this page a bit, you know that I also have an interest in horses. It is amazing to me how much crossover there is between horses and people and how the same approach can work across both. Our attitude has a great deal to do with our outcome. If you've been around you might also know that although Kenpo is my first love I also spend some time in the systema world. I find their outlook and attitude fits in very well with mine as far as most of life's issues go. One of the great things that I remember Vladimir Vasiliev say is "just work". That is their approach to any situation. Don't get caught up in it mentally, just work. Work through it - do what you know, it's all you are going to be able to do at that point. In all of these cases, martial arts, horses, life, just work. It implies that you don't let fear get in your way. You may win, you may lose, you should learn but in no way will fear help you. Fear in itself is not a bad thing, we need to be aware of it because it is a good warning system but we cannot let it control us.

Take a few minutes out of your day to ponder this, it will be on the test. By the way, click on the image below, there is a quote at the bottom - that's why it's up on this post but it doesn't seem to be coming through completely.

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